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10 Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

holiday decorating apartment

Retail stores have been pushing fake fir boughs and Christmas trees since Halloween, but your windows still display the autumn foliage and gourds you used for Thanksgiving. It seems that the only free space you have is on your door and your walls. With everything else you have to do, it doesn’t seem you can decorate your apartment for Christmas.

You can decorate for the holidays in 10 easy steps!

Holiday decorating for smaller spaces, such as apartments, is actually easier than decorating an entire house. Usually, it’s safer, too, because you can reach most decorating areas.

To begin, think of downsizing decorations or placing decorations in unusual places. You’ll soon get the idea and have some unique decorations sure to make your guests exclaim.

Try some of these easy holiday decorating ideas:

1. Skip the tree. Well, skip the huge tree that takes up way too much space in favor of a smaller tree atop a pedestal. Pin garlands or a light string in the shape of a tree. Put together a tabletop vignette. Place fir branches in a vase. Use your imagination.

2. Use mementos. If you still have some of the holiday decorations your kids made, place them on the tree or on an ornament holder. If you don’t have any, why not take a day with the grandkids and make some?

3. Put festive frames of old family pictures. Imagine how much fun you’ll have when the grandkids ask who the lovely lady in that photograph is, and you reply that it’s you.

4. Add lights. Add some twinkle lights in the entryway or above a doorway for a festive touch. If you have balance problems, have someone else do it—your child, maintenance, your neighbor.

5. Hang a wreath on your window or on a wall or on a piece of furniture next to a wall or even on a table as a centerpiece.

6. Drape a garland around a mirror, doorway, window or light fixture.

7. Avoid clutter. You’re going to have more people in your home at this time than almost any other. Do you really need people tripping on things?

8. Remember your other senses. Add scent with potpourri or by bringing in fir branches or baking cookies. Cover the back of your couch with a plush holiday throw. Drape some jingle bells on a door handle.

9. Don’t use candles. Candles are fine when you’re alone but can be dangerous when you have guests. Get some electric candles for a glow or scented oils for aroma.

10. Get in the spirit. The biggest decoration in your home is you! So put on some Christmas music, plop the Santa hat atop your head and get your Christmas jingle on!

Not in the holiday spirit?
Don’t get discouraged; get busy. This chapter of your life is a vibrant time, full of new challenges and achievements. Whether it’s trying new decorating techniques or volunteering at a nearby school, meeting goals makes people happier and healthier.

Need some inspiration?

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