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10 Ways Seniors Can Find Love

finding love

Finding love is important for every human, regardless of age. Seniors, however, experience more obstacles than younger people. AARP data shows that 45% of Americans over 65 are divorced, separated or widowed.

The most common way people meet the love of their lives is through friends. However, the pool of friends for most adults shrinks as they age. And if you’ve been widowed, you may have even fewer friends because the friends you had were all married, and they prefer to socialize with other married couples.

Many older people have already experienced the loss of the person they viewed as the “love of their life”. It’s difficult to date when you believe you may be settling for companionship.

Older people usually don’t get out as much. Whether that’s caused by disability or disinclination, it means that seniors don’t meet as many new people.

Older men are concerned about their virility. Older women are worried about their looks. Because of our youth-oriented culture, both sexes may wonder what they can offer. These attitudes make people hesitate to expose themselves to the rigors of dating.

Older men seek younger wives.

It’s difficult to approach sex because of stereotypes about aging. Men, especially, may find themselves challenged by the belief it isn’t sex unless they can perform as they did in their 30s or 40s.

10 Ways to Find Love after 65

It is possible to find love when you’re older. Here are 10 options, in no particular order, to find that special person.

#1 Internet Dating

For older adults, Internet dating solves a lot of problems. You’re exposed to numerous people you already know are looking for love. You can select people to contact based on criteria that wouldn’t be immediately obvious in person, such as their hobbies, education, and likes. You don’t have to go out until you’re ready.

The most popular dating sites for people over 65 are AARP Dating, eHarmony Senior Dating, Our Time, and Senior FriendFinder. However, there are a host of others, including Stitch, Senior Match, SeniorPeopleMeet.com, DatingOver60, and SeniorDating.

If you don’t find someone quickly, online dating can become expensive: eHarmony begins at $60 a month. For most sites, basic services may be free, but in order to interact meaningfully with someone, you pay.

However, beware of scammers who want to get married right away or ask you for money.

#2 Dating Apps

Tinder isn’t the only swipe dating app. Senior People Meet Dating allows members to perform a search for specific criteria, then swipe right for a photo they like and left for a photo they don’t. If two people swipe right, they’re introduced to each other. No word on whether Senior People Meet Dating is being used for sexual hook-ups like Tinder is. And if you don’t want to pay the monthly fee, don’t bother.

Stitch helps people 50 and above (no 21-year-olds here) save on rooms and meet friends while traveling. However, it also connects people who are interested in meeting for a movie, concert, or dinner. It’s a novel idea that seems to be working. To get much of anything though, you’ll have to pay about $80 a month.

#3 Social Networking Sites

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks frequently have groups designed for special interests, including dating. However, it’s difficult to segment people geographically on them. In addition, the scam factor is a huge turnoff. CraigsList also has a section for people with specific interests, as well as an online chat room. On the other hand, Meetup.com offers meetings for people with similar interests locally.

#4 Senior Centers

Senior centers bring together active men and women of approximately the same age. Of course, they’re connecting.

#5 Dating Services or Matchmakers

The difference between using a dating service or matchmaker and online dating is that you’re paying money upfront. Some people like this, because they say paying money means they know the person is serious. And dating services and matchmakers are better at weeding out scammers than online dating. Online dating does tend to go faster, but you probably get fewer qualified matches. For tech-averse people, these are a good bet.

#6 Neighborhood

Yes, people do still meet lovers at the grocery store, their grandson’s Little League practice or at the high school football game. And don’t forget the dog park.

#7 Cruises

The best option, since there are few single seniors cruises, is to book a singles cruise and check into the average age of people participating. If you’re lucky enough to find a single seniors cruise, book far in advance, because they sell out quickly.

#8 Casinos

Casinos are a favorite pastime of older men and women. Go during the day when the young folks will be at work.

#9 Volunteer Opportunities

If you meet someone while volunteering, you already know a good bit about them. That’s a key ingredient in beginning a romance.

#10 Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities bring people together of approximately the same age. Not only that, residents meet each other while dining, engaging in recreational programs and participating in community activities. Most independent living and assisted living communities have a fairly active dating scene, and it’s not unheard of in skilled nursing either.

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