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5 Tips to Start an Exercise Program for You

5 tips to start an exercise program

Don’t let age, fear, or an “I can’t” attitude stop you from exercising. It may seem more difficult to begin an exercise program during your senior life. However, a few simple tips can make it easier than you expect and a lot of fun!

5 Tips to Start an Exercise Program for You:

  • Start slow. It can be harmful to immediately go full speed ahead. Instead, build up your exercise program little by little. Start with a short walk and each week increase your distance. Start with a class once or twice a week and build up to every other day or more. And always warm up first with a few stretches.
  • Commit to a schedule. Put it on your calendar as an appointment, and stick to it just like you would any other appointment. Before long, it will become just part of your daily or weekly habits.
  • Focus on short-term goals. Don’t make your first goal, “to lose XX pounds in XX weeks,” as weight loss done properly should take time. Instead, set short-term goals such as, “I’ll walk twice this week to improve my energy level,” or “I’ll take two exercise classes this week that make me smile and improve my mood.”
  • Listen to your body. As you exercise, focus on how your body feels — the rhythm of your breathing and the way your feet strike the ground. Making a connection with your body can help you feel more comfortable as you exercise and oftentimes will also help relieve stress.
  • Get your doctor’s clearance. Before you start an exercise program, ask your doctor if there are any activities you should avoid.

At The Esquiline, residents have many options for physical fitness, from a 24-hour fitness center and daily exercise programs to 200 beautiful acres for walking, jogging and biking. To schedule a tour, contact us today at 800-533-6279 or online here.New Call-to-action