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6 Myths about Independent Living

myths independent living

After building a long life for yourself and raising a family, you might not have given it a thought to move into an independent living community. After all, you’ve made a home for yourself and the idea of leaving it may be something you’ve never considered before–especially in light of all the myths you’ve heard over the years about independent living.

That’s why here at The Esquiline, we wanted to share with you some of the most common myths you may have heard. It is time to move beyond them and explore your options based on facts rather than fiction.

1. You will have to give up your independence.

If anything, the staff and community at independent living communities seek to encourage independence at every turn. This includes everything from choosing your new home, the community, transportation, food, and more. You can come and go as you please. It all comes down to a matter of choice, and you have many options in most independent living facilities.

2. It will be boring in an independent living community.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Some people view independent living centers as places where people sit around and play dominos or bingo all the time. Today’s independent living communities are filled with lively, vibrant people and busy activity calendars. There is always something going on.

3. You’ll be surrounded by dull people you have nothing in common with.

This isn’t exactly true either. In fact, you’ll find there are many people there who like the same kind of music, know all the same dances, and have shared many similar life experiences.

4. You’ll have to give up your pets.

While this may be true at some independent living facilities, we understand that pets are a vital part of your family. Some of them even provide important services to you as an individual. Here at The Esquiline, small pets are welcome as we want to make them part of our family too.

5. Your diet will be chosen for you.

One of the most fundamental and personal choices you have as a human adult is to choose your own foods. We allow you to do just that. We provide a number of healthy options for people who choose to dine with us, and you have the ability to prepare your own meals–again, there is a CHOICE.

6. Your social life will end.

Your social life is just beginning. In addition to the many social activities planned at The Esquiline, residents can choose to entertain guests in their own apartments or one of two larger venues on the property.

Once you’ve debunked these myths, you’ll see that independent living has its privileges. Some of them are hard to resist.

We invite you to visit The Esquiline so that you can debunk these myths for yourself. Call us at 800-533-6279 or visit us online.

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