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A Day in the Life at The Esquiline's Independent Living Community

Two residents of The Esquiline having fun while living in their independent living community.

What is life in an independent living community actually like?

Many older adults consider moving to an independent living community that offers plentiful services and amenities to make life maintenance-free. However, the question still remains: what will my days look like when I move? Will my lifestyle change?

It’s hard to envision the active, independent lifestyles that residents enjoy at The Esquiline, an independent living community in Belleville, Illinois. With that in mind, we thought it might help to present “A Day in the Life” of one of our typical independent living residents, who we will call “Margaret.”

A Peaceful Morning

Margaret awakens to the sound of birds chirping outside and a sliver of sunlight peeking through her curtains. She gets dressed and pulls her curtains back to get a closer look at the hummingbird at the feeder just outside her window. Her apartment residence is located on 200-acres of beautiful rolling hills, paths, wooded areas, and gardens.

She wanders over to her laptop and finds the list of independent living activities offered today. Yikes! If she doesn’t get going, she’s going to miss coffee hour, a weekly time for residents to gather and chat as they start their day. She walks down to catch a bite and socialize with her friends.


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Fitness Classes

After breakfast, she attends a chair exercise class in the Fitness Center. She prefers the balance and stretching exercises and other classes over the strengthening exercises on the machines.

After she’s warmed up and feeling good, she spends a few minutes watching the birds in the aviary before returning to her apartment.


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Socializing with Neighbors, Building Meaningful Relationships

Instead of her usual habit of preparing her own lunch, today, Margaret decided to join some of her neighbors in the dining room to enjoy fresh fruit, salad, and soup. As she listens to her lunchmates update one another about their growing families, she tells them about her grandson’s upcoming graduation from the Air Force Academy.

She’s amazed by how her circle of friends has grown since she moved to The Esquiline. When she boards the van with her neighbor to visit the Missouri Botanical Garden or shop in town, she enjoys having company. 

Every time she participates in community activities, whether a movie, a musical presentation, a seminar on-campus, or another trip to a nearby attraction, she either makes a new friend or becomes reacquainted with another resident.

Enjoying the Surrounding Area of Belleville, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri 

There are plenty of places to enjoy on campus, as The Esquiline is located on the grounds of one of the largest outdoor Catholic shrines in the country. The Esquiline is a Catholic independent living community in the sense that it was founded by Catholics, but it is open to all faiths and offers Protestant and spiritual services in addition to Catholic services. 

There’s also much to do in the surrounding area, both in Belleville, Illinois, and St. Louis, Missouri. Margaret is free to drive, of course, but she also has the option of transportation services to take her to the local events and attractions she wishes to visit.


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A Safe Place to Stay

As she walks back to her apartment, she thinks about attending the Rhythm Band practice next week. When she arrives, she is happy to see housecleaning has come and vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned her apartment.

Glancing at her phone, she sees that she missed a call from her daughter. She knows her daughter may be concerned she missed their regular call, but there’s really nothing to worry about. Each apartment has an emergency response system built in and, as a Life Plan Community, also known as a continuing care retirement community, there are healthcare professionals at The Esquiline if ever she needs assistance.

A Quiet Evening at Home

Her friend, Rita, calls to remind Margaret that they will be playing bridge tomorrow at 6 p.m. She asks Margaret if she will be joining her again this Saturday for the Rosary Devotion at the Lourdes Grotto at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows. Margaret replies, “Oh, yes.”


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Join us at The Esquiline, an Independent Living Community in Illinois 

The Esquiline is a Life Plan Community that offers a continuum of care from independent living to assisted living to nursing services. To experience the dynamic lifestyle of a typical resident, schedule a tour and we’ll set up a personalized visit for you. 

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