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How The Esquiline Can Help You Continue to Grow In Your Faith

grow in faith

Over the years, your faith has bloomed, wilted, and bloomed again. Perhaps more than a few times. You’ve weathered many storms—some by the skin of your teeth and the strength of your faith. Because you’ve endured so much to get to where you are today, you may be looking for ways to edify your faith and your relationship with God. The Esquiline can help you with your efforts to do just that.

Faith Building Services at The Esquiline

The Esquiline is, in some ways, as much a ministry as it is a continuing care community. While faith isn’t required for those who choose to make their homes at The Esquiline, no one here will suffer from an inability to express or strengthen their faith. To aid in this, we offer a wide range of spiritual wellness opportunities that include the following:

  • Daily Mass
  • Weekly Benediction
  • 24/7 Chapel Availability
  • Reconciliation Twice Weekly
  • Anointing of the Sick Quarterly
  • Protestant Worship Weekly
  • Ecumenical Bible Study Weekly
  • Faith Formation Classes
  • Liturgical Ministries
  • Pastoral Counseling

Crisis of faith, moments of sorrow, and the need for spiritual guidance happen at all stages of life. We believe it’s important to lend a helping hand and a thoughtful ear whenever our residents need them. We even conduct hospital visits, food drives, and yearly retreats to help those who have needs beyond what the human eye may see.

At The Esquiline, we also understand that not all spiritual activities take place within the walls of the church or have anything at all to do with religion. We offer quiet places to commune with nature and reflect on life throughout our property and grounds. We invite all residents to take advantage of them to strengthen and renew their own senses of purpose and self.

As a faith-based continuing care community, The Esquiline offers our residents participatory roles in ministry to others, worship, ministry to others, and volunteer efforts, including food collections and more. We invite you to call us at 800-533-6279 to learn more or to schedule a tour of The Esquiline.

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