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Wellness Blog

Do’s and Don’ts of Online Safety

Every day, more and more people of all ages are taking to the internet. It’s an incredibly...

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Playing Games for Health

When is the last time you’ve played a game? It doesn’t matter what type: board, card—you name it.

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Ways to Stay Active at The Esquiline

Fitness, as you may well already know, is a huge aspect of your health. It keeps your body...

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How to Start a Walking Program

Physical wellness is good for the mind, body, and soul – even if it is something as simple as...

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Finding Your Passion

Do you sometimes feel like you never really discovered your passion? Or maybe you’re just...

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Fresh Produce Recipes

Fruits and vegetables: we know they are good for us, but sometimes we get bored with the same old...

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How to Start the Conversation about Independent Living: Making the Move

There are many reasons to consider talking to your parent about a move to an independent living...

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What Your Favorite Ice Cream Says About You

Everybody enjoys a nice serving of cold, sweet, ice cream—especially in the summer. (Well,...

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Financial Considerations Before You Make the Move

As you age, it becomes increasingly important that you consider your financial plans for your...

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Gardening: Cultivating Friendships

Nature is a beautiful thing, and there’s no interaction with nature more gratifying than...

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Sharing Your Talents

Do you have a talent, or special interest, you have been doing for years, but feel a bit scared,...

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Summer Activities for Visiting Families

Have children and grandchildren that are coming over for a visit? Perhaps you’re looking to...

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