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Healthy Comfort Foods for Winter

Pizza, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, chicken pot pie, dumplings, biscuits and gravy, chili,...

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5 Easy Exercises to Keep Off Holiday Pounds

Aah, the holidays! Family. Food. Shopping. Food. Parties. More food.

Before long, we start to...

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7 Senior Travel Tips for the Holidays

Ah, the holidays! Cheerful greetings. Happy smiles. Delayed flights. Packed buses. Surly...

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4 Ways to Make Your Transition to Senior Living A Happy One

You finally made the decision to move into a senior living community.

And although it has all...

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7 Ways to Exercise Gratitude this Thanksgiving

Gratitude Makes You Feel Better

Gratitude makes you feel better, says Glenn Fox, Ph.D., a...

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Thanksgiving at The Esquiline

Aromas of cooking fill the air. Relatives who haven’t seen each other in months greet each other...

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November 2016 Independent Living Activities Calendar

Click here to view and download November Independent Living activities calendar.

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November 2016 St. Francis Center for Assisted Living Activities Calendar

Click here to view and download November Assisted Living activities calendar.

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Chef Todd’s Thanksgiving Survival T.I.P.S.

Family Thanksgiving dinners provide a time for the family to enjoy agreeable company and...

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