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Author: The Esquiline

What if My Parent Doesn’t Want to Go to a Nursing Home?

Posted by The Esquiline on Oct 1, 2020 2:12:48 PM

Categories: Skilled Nursing

Many of us imagine spending our final years in our own homes, but the odds are against us. Few of us will end our lives in the homes where we’ve spent most of our time. But what happens if your parent doesn’t want to go to a nursing home or skilled nursing facility? What if they want to remain at home, despite their increasing care needs and decreasing mental acuity? 

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UPDATE: COVID-19 Response: Actions Taken to Safeguard the Health of Residents and Staff

Posted by The Esquiline on Aug 19, 2020 1:24:50 PM

Categories: Skilled Nursing

UPDATE: February 25, 2021 See New Updates to the Visitor Policy in Dammert below in red:

We are delighted to report that our community of residents and staff received the 2nd dose of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine on Friday, February 5, 2021!  

We have moved from twice per week testing to just once per week of the residents and staff at the Dammert Care Center and St. Francis Assisted Living for COVID-19 in order to contain and manage the spread of the virus.  

We have received final test results from our most recent round of testing and all continue to test negative.  The new total of positive cases of COVID-19  in residents remains at 41 and the total number of staff at 30.

Unfortunately, despite our precautions, continued adherence to the guidance set forth by the Illinois Department of Health and the St. Clair County Health Department, and the best efforts of heroic medical staff, eight residents have passed away due to complications related to the virus. We mourn their passing and encourage you to keep them and their families in your prayers.  

As of today, we are relieved to report that 30 residents and 30 staff members have fully recovered and have been taken out of isolation. We continue to work diligently each day to improve outcomes for our residents and staff during this time. 

Updates can also be heard on our COVID-19 hotline at 618.394.6261.

Thank you again for your patience and prayers.

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Questions to Ask a Skilled Nursing Facility About COVID-19

Posted by The Esquiline on Jul 7, 2020 9:15:00 AM

Categories: Physical Wellness, Independent Living, Skilled Nursing

The global pandemic has made safety an even greater factor in evaluating senior living communities. As you begin your search for a skilled nursing care center or nursing home for yourself or a loved one, here are some important safety guidelines and questions you should ask during your search.

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Exploring The Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows

Posted by The Esquiline on Jun 22, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Categories: Spiritual Wellness

Here at The Esquiline, we often encounter surprise from guests and potential residents who learn that we are located on the grounds of the Our Lady of the Snows Shrine. Many visitors come to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows regularly and don’t realize just how many gardens, sites, event spaces, and yes - even a senior community! - are located here.

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When Should I Move a Parent to Nursing Home Care?

Posted by The Esquiline on May 11, 2020 11:37:47 AM

Categories: Skilled Nursing

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How Does a Nursing Home Admissions Process Work?

Posted by The Esquiline on Mar 19, 2020 10:16:00 AM

Categories: Skilled Nursing

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Why Choose the Dammert Care Center for My Parents?

Posted by The Esquiline on Mar 17, 2020 10:57:46 AM

Categories: Skilled Nursing

When a loved one faces physical or mental challenges as they age, it can be difficult to determine the best care plan. You want to seek out a place that treats your parent like family, not a patient.

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Lenten Challenge: Deepen Your Faith Through Forgiveness

Posted by The Esquiline on Mar 9, 2020 9:30:00 AM

Categories: Lent Forgiveness, Process of Forgiveness, Bible and Forgiveness

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March 2020 Dammert Skilled Nursing Center Activities Calendar

Posted by The Esquiline on Mar 5, 2020 3:35:00 PM

Categories: Skilled Nursing Activity Calendars

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March 2020 St. Francis Center for Assisted Living Activities Calendar

Posted by The Esquiline on Mar 5, 2020 3:30:00 PM

Categories: Assisted Living Activity Calendars

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