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Behind the Scenes with the Maintenance Staff

maintenance staff

On our blog, we like to take a moment or two to recognize all the wonderful, warmhearted, hardworking people that are on our The Esquiline team. Every single person that works here is essential to keeping this community running.

At The Esquiline, we are so proud and thankful for our maintenance crew. They do so much for our entire community, and we cannot go another day without commending all that they do.

Maintenance Team Tasks

As part of the maintenance team, they are busy with many tasks all across campus. These tasks include:

  • System Functions: The Maintenance team oversees all physical system functions on our campus. This includes our heating and cooling, electrical, water and low volt systems for our campus that spans almost 17 acres. That’s a HUGE job, and it requires daily upkeep, routine system checks and replacement year-round.
  • Flipping: The maintenance staff also ‘flips’ each apartment after a resident moves out. This includes floor replacement, fresh paint, and any repairs or replacements needed in the apartment.
  • Miscellaneous Needs: In addition to executing the overall engineering of the campus, this team also responds to the needs of all our residents. Anything from replacing a light bulb to power washing patios. This team does it all. It’s no wonder they are among our most prized staff here at The Esquiline.

Maintenance Team on Move-In Day

The maintenance team is also a big help to residents who are moving in. Not only that, but they do routine maintenance whenever needed. You can expect the following from your Maintenance Staff here:

  • Hang your pictures and mirrors upon moving into your apartment
  • Ensure your TV is hooked up, or mounted on the wall and works properly
  • Ensure your phone is hooked up and works properly
  • Any routine replacement or repairs needed in your apartment.
  • Routine watering of any outdoor plants or landscaping you may have
  • Routine severe weather checks

We also have a ‘Maintenance Request’ box for residents to submit needs, questions, or suggestions for the Maintenance department. These can be related to their apartment or the campus grounds as a whole.

Thanks again to our lovely maintenance crew, we appreciate what you do for us every day!

To learn more about us at The Esquiline, contact us at 618-394-6400 — we’d love to speak with you!

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