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The Benefits of an In-Person Visit With a Loved One

visit with loved one

When you have a loved one in a retirement community, it’s important to stop in for in-person visits, no matter how far away you live.

  • Let your loved ones know you care.  An in-person visit gives you a chance to be affectionate and serves as a reminder that you care about their well-being. Attend events at The Esquiline with your loved one. We offer a wide range of events, programs and activities for our residents both on and off campus, and we welcome family members to attend anytime they are interested.
  • Allows you to check up on their health. As you spend time with your loved one, you’ll be able to evaluate their overall physical and emotional health. You can take note to see if anything about them has changed since your last visit — are they showing any signs of depression or memory loss? You’ll be able to listen carefully to any changes in regards to their daily routines, diet or mood. If you notice changes or have any concerns, we always welcome and encourage families to talk with our staff. At The Esquiline, we strive to create an environment of health and happiness, so we benefit from your feedback to help us do just this for your loved ones.
  • Bring back and create positive memories. By sharing stories of the past and present with your aging loved ones, you’ll help improve their mood and get them to engage. You can bring in photo albums or videos, or favorite music to bring back those happy times. We often host remembrance events and activities as well. We encourage families to bring in items from your loved one’s past for these events. For example, we host a Wedding Anniversary celebration in the early summer every year. “It’s so exciting to see our residents and staff bring in their wedding albums, photos and even dresses. We love to share with one another stories of our wedding days and sometimes share a laugh over trying to guess which residents are in the old wedding photos,” says a The Esquiline resident.
  • Make it a Routine. Visiting aging loved ones not only helps break up their daily routines, but also keeps them feeling connected to the world around them. And of course, they love to see you. Make monthly or weekly visits if possible. Make it part of your own routine. Be sure to spend quality time with them, listen to their concerns, and be affectionate.  Remember that your visit is a reminder of how much you care for them, especially when they have entered this new phase of life.

We embrace the importance of family here at The Esquiline. We welcome you to join your loved one at events and activities, for mouthwatering meals, or to spend the night or weekend. We have five guest apartments available on our campus. Families can rent these apartments for a modest daily fee that includes breakfast. Please feel free to contact us to reserve spots for dining or overnight stays today at 618.394.6400.

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