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Convincing Your Family It’s Time to Move to Independent Living

convincing mom it's time for independent living

Conventional wisdom tells us that we all would like to continue living in our own home as long as possible.  However, living in an independent living community can be just as life enriching for a parent, if not more so, than staying in their own home. There’s always something going on in an independent living community, whether it’s volunteering opportunities, exercise classes, or bus trips.

Although it might not be the easiest conversation to have when discussing community living with your loved one, chances are good that the conversation won't surprise them. In fact, they might have already been thinking about it, but didn’t mention it to you. Or they might just need a little coaxing.

How to Work With Your Loved One If It's Time to Move

Here are a few ways you, as an adult son or daughter of an active parent, can help make this conversation a positive and encouraging one. Remember, though, that your parent is the ultimate decision maker. You’re there to offer them a helping hand as they sort through the benefits of moving to an independent living community.

  • Start up the conversation about it before a crisis hits.
  • Drop by the community with your loved one to take a look and see how life-enriching community living is and how it supports them to live a life with purpose.
  • Tell them that this gives them a chance to pursue their dreams, participate in fun activities, and connect with others socially.
  • Invite other trusted friends or family like their doctor, priest, lawyer, friends, etc. to join in the conversation.
  • Join an activity at the community center with your loved one to help them see the community living social side.
  • Volunteer with your loved one in the community to help establish introductions.

Remember, above all, to include them in the decision-making process as the ultimate decision lies with them.  Letting them know that they have a choice (and final say) in the decision can make all the difference in this conversation and making this change a positive experience for you and your parent.

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