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Digital Literacy: Staying Connected Online

digital literacy

You’ve seen many amazing things over the course of your lifetime. Technology has evolved at a dizzying pace and made life so much easier over the years. Now, it can make your life easier still, once you get beyond the learning curve, of course.

Benefits of Being Online

The Internet is one of the modern wonders of the world. It allows people to do so many things easier than ever before. One of the best things it allows is instant connectivity to family members across the country (and around the world in some cases).

Programs like Skype allow you to video chat with grandchildren. Facebook allows you to reconnect with friends from the past.  Email and instant message programs allow you to share messages in a matter of seconds that would take days, if not weeks, by traditional mail.

The best part is that you don’t need an expensive computer to access these programs. You can access many via smartphones, though the screens may be too small and difficult to read. Tablet devices, however, can be quite inexpensive, and allow you access to these programs on larger screens.

Staying Safe Online

While the World Wide Web is truly a marvel of communication, it does present its own share of dangers. Many of these dangers come in the form of email, though some scammers are beginning to use social media in an effort to pool the wool over unwary eyes. Beware of any offer the promises free gifts, vacations, etc. Don’t fall for lost relative scams promising rich inheritances, and ignore emails warning about accounts being closed, government audits, etc. Always call the bank or your attorney general if you receive these frightening email warnings.

Also, avoid opening emails from anyone you don’t know and trust that contain attachments. These attachments often contain viruses. Finally, be wary of the information you share online. You may think you’re sharing your excitement about your upcoming vacation, but you’re also letting thieves know your home will be empty.

Little things technology provides can make a huge difference in your appreciation of life and your overall happiness. Just remember to exercise a little caution and your online experience should be amazing.

Two of our cornerstones here at The Esquiline are intellectual wellness and social wellness - both of which can be enhanced through digital literacy and staying connected online. We know that keeping your brain active and engaging with others is essential to keeping your mind healthy.

At The Esquiline, we have a bountiful array of exciting ways for you to continue to grow, learn, and keep your mind sharp. Contact us online today or call us at 800-533-6279 to learn more.
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