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Exercise Tips from the Wellness Center Director

exercise tips

Even wellness experts sometimes find it difficult to maintain their exercise routine, says Bridgette Argus, wellness center director at The Esquiline.

The power of maintaining fitness through exercise lies with each individual. “We have the power to do or not to do. It’s all up to us,” she adds.


Have you tried any of these 2017 exercise trends yet?


Here are 8 tips this fitness expert uses to maintain her exercise routine.

  • “I psych myself up by telling myself how beneficial exercise is for me.” Sometimes, all you need is a little incentive to get up and get going. Music and special breathing techniques are two ways to rev up your body and mind for exercise. Bridgette’s right: Exercise, along with proper nutrition, is the foundation for wellness.
  • “I make the time for exercise. It should be important: It’s your health.” She notes that it’s easier to maintain an exercise routine if you set a time to exercise each day. The best time to exercise is in the afternoon, when your core temperature is higher, your muscles are looser, reaction time is better, and heart rate and blood pressure are lowest. However, your body adapts to a regular exercise time.
  • “I dress the part with comfortable clothes and gym shoes.” The proper workout attire can prevent overheating and injury and increase comfort. Shoes are especially important for any sort of impact exercise.
  • “I make sure it’s fun and not too intense!” There may be days you’ll want to push yourself, but there’s a fine line between intensity and injury. If you’re not having fun when you exercise, it’s easy to lose the incentive to do it again. Music can help make exercise more fun.
  • “I have workout buddies, and we encourage each other!” Having a workout buddy can provide competition so you’re more likely to work harder and less likely to quit. A buddy can also check your form so you don’t get injured.
  • “I keep reasonable expectations. I know what I can and cannot do!” Motivation is helpful in maintaining an exercise routine, but check yourself constantly to ensure you’re not overdoing it. Stretch, stay hydrated, and take new activities slowly at first. If you get injured, it may impede your progress for months.
  • “I track my success.” Tracking your success is a great way to stay motivated. However, sometimes, you can’t point to the scale or how many more miles you ran to show progress. Bridgette suggests you can assess yourself and ask, “How do I feel?”
  • “I change it up.” One of the best ways to stay motivated to exercise is changing your exercise routine. Changing exercises every 4 to 6 weeks is also one way to avoid adaptation, which reduces calorie burn and muscle gains. Changes can be as minimal as adding weight or sets, adding exercises or doing something totally different. Bridgette says changing up your exercise routine may get you out of a rut. “Sometimes, I don’t even realize it’s exercise!” she says. For example, The Esquiline offers Zumba Gold, a dance program designed especially for older adults. The community is located on 200 acres of natural beauty with many walking trails, so residents love to get out and walk.

The Esquiline encourages living well, with a focus on physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual wellness. If you are interested in living well, please contact us today.

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