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What to Expect in Your First Week at The Esquiline

move in day

The first week after anyone moves into their new home, the emotions are run high! One may feel excitement and joy, and quite honestly a little anxious and overwhelmed as well. One may even experience a bit of grief after leaving their previous home…especially if it was a home where many memories were made over the years. This is all very understandable, normal and, frankly, expected.

Because the first week can be a wild ride for emotions, we do our best to make the first week as smooth as possible at The Esquiline. Our staff is here to support you every step of the way as you move through any and all feelings you might be experiencing. It is our goal to ensure you feel as much excitement, joy, warmth, and security as one can expect when moving into a completely new environment.

Our orientation program for new residents is customized to each new resident based on their individual likes, dislikes, and comforts. We hope that this will ease any apprehension you may feel on your first day or week in your new home.

We are also excited to introduce new residents to our staff — we think this is what really makes their new place feel like home. Getting to know your neighbors and the people you’ll see every day is key to welcoming and assuring residents of their belonging.

The Esquiline Staff

Some of The Esquiline staff you can expect to meet are:

  • Marketing
    • They will ensure you are comfortable with your apartment after the movers have left, etc.
    • Have your keys, security card, will show your way around the community and take you to the important areas such as the dining room, fitness center, chapel, the lounges, etc.
  • Resident Services 
    • They facilitate resident & staff introductions around campus.
    • They will perform ongoing check-ins as you settle in.
  • Business
    • This department views billing statements & additional services.
    • They will give you an overview of copy room and office equipment available to residents.
  • Maintenance
    • They will stop by to introduce themselves and see that you have everything just right in your apartment to be comfortable – adjust temperature, hang pictures and mirrors and anything else you might need.
  • Housekeeping
    • Your housekeeper will stop by to introduce themselves and set up an individualized bi-weekly or weekly cleaning designed to meet your schedule and needs.
    • Your housekeeper will also assist with personalized laundry services if needed.
  • Life Enrichment
    • Someone will meet with you to discuss the array of internal and external activities, events, programs and trips we provide on our campus as part of our Life Enrichment program.
  • Pastoral Care
    • Our Director of Pastoral Care loves to invite our newest residents to lunch within the first week to get to know them a little better, and with their permission, create a brief biography and capture a photo to help the community get to know you better.
    • The two of you will review Pastoral Care services and explore any spiritual wellness interests and desires you might have.
  • Food Services
    • Our Executive Chef will welcome you to the dining room and invite you to share any favorite recipes or menus. They always welcome feedback and suggestions to ensure you have a remarkable dining experience.

All of this is tailored for each person so that you have the best experience possible in your new home — even when emotions are running high.

Learn more about The Esquiline — what we do here, what our values are, and what amenities are available. Talk to us at 618-394-6400.

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