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What to Expect When Touring The Esquiline

touring the esquiline

Are you interested in taking a tour of The Esquiline? Perhaps you’re not sure what to expect?

To answer your pre-visit questions, we spoke with our Marketing and Communications Coordinator to find out what you can expect out of your visit with us. “I love when people come to visit The Esquiline. It’s a great opportunity to match what people need with all that we have to offer.”

On calling before your next visit...

“I like it best when someone calls before visiting, because I like to find out a little about the person who may be looking for their next home, or a family member or friend who calls on their behalf.  I prepare for their visit. I begin to map out our tour of possibilities. I identify available apartments that match what the person says they are interested in. I make sure the apartments are ready to be shown, and that our “route” will help them appreciate points and people of interest,” she told us. If you call us before you stop by, we can tailor your tour better to your specific interests. If you choose to schedule your tour online, be sure to leave some notes in your message to let us know more about you in the provided section. This way, you can get the most out of your visit.

On connecting with current residents...

Visitors and current Esquiline residents are often bonding and having small conversations through the day, which proves to be beneficial to the visitors so they get a better feel for the community environment. “As I walk the halls with visitors, there are lots of friendly, happy people to help welcome our guests and share their experiences. Many times our guests ask questions of our roaming welcomers, which gives our guests the opportunity to learn even more about The Esquiline through the eyes and lives of the older adults who live here.”

On looking at different apartments…

Some might fret over upsetting someone for not liking an apartment. This fretting is unfounded here.“If an apartment isn’t the person’s cup of tea, that’s ok. There are others to visit. And imagine. Sometimes I try to help our guests envision what a room’s layout may look like. More often than not, the individual or family brings those thoughts with them. While I usually stay with the individual/family/party, at times I may walk into the hall so they can talk. ‘That’s fine with me. Just let me know if you have any questions…’”

On feeling anxious (or excited)…

It’s completely normal to feel a little apprehensive about looking at a new home. Here at The Esquiline, we see this often, but we completely understand, “Some people arrive a bit scared or overwhelmed, or feel pressured by family or friends and may dig in their heels while other people come excited, interested, happy, ready to consider. Moving to the next home is a big deal. Everyone has a right to feel as they do.”

On what happens next…

“As we visit/tour, I watch how they walk, how easily they use doors or open drapes, or if we will need to increase the lighting. There are a lot of things to look for and to talk about,” our communication coordinator says. During tours, we always like to assure that should that person move in, the apartment will be fit for their individual needs. And if it goes well, “I always invite people to return. As in life, there is so much to consider, so much to learn. And, a second visit might be the time to enjoy lunch in the dining room.”

At the end of the day…

“I like to think that when people leave their visit of The Esquiline, that they think…this will be my next home.” When it comes to it, everyone here wants what’s best for you and for every visitor of The Esquiline.

We hope that our community and services make for the perfect potential future home for you. And if you do choose to tour with us, we hope this blog provided you with well-needed insight and greatly look forward to seeing you!

Schedule your visit now, or give us a call to learn more about The Esquiline tours today!

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