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How to Find the Right Volunteer Opportunity for Me

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As an older adult, you may have some newfound time on your hands. It’s great having extra time to relax, but after a while it can make you a little restless. What do you do with all of this extra time you have in your week?

Why not give volunteering a shot, if you’re not already.

It can’t hurt – in fact, studies show that it’s quite good for your health and happiness, and of course benefits the ones you are impacting with your work.

Think you’re willing to give it a try?

Finding the Right Volunteer Group

Your first step is finding the volunteer group or opportunity that fits you and your talents.

Ask yourself:

  • Would I like to volunteer here?
  • Could I put my special talent and hobby to good use?
  • Is this what I’m looking for in a volunteer opportunity?

You want to find something that makes sense for you and your talents and values. Asking yourself these questions will narrow down your search quite a bit. If you’re struggling in your search still, you can go online to find lists of volunteering opportunities.

Also, before going for it, you’ll want to be sure to provide the times you are available or the number of hours you will be able to put into volunteering in a week. That is, unless you're volunteering from the comfort of your own home.

Some of the volunteering opportunities in Belleville are:

  • Art on the Square Foundation Inc.
  • Caritas Family Solutions
  • Stray Haven Rescue Inc.
  • Youth Learning Center

Really, there’s no downside to giving your time to something worthwhile, especially a cause that you truly care about and are passionate about. As long as it’s something within your limits, you’ll be doing good for both yourself and others. It doesn’t get much better than that!

The Esquiline is passionate about encouraging residents to live an active, exciting life – with a focus on wellness of body and spirit. A big part of this is volunteering. If you’d like to find out more about what we do, contact us at 618-394-6400.

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