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Gardening: Cultivating Friendships

gardening friendship

Nature is a beautiful thing, and there’s no interaction with nature more gratifying than gardening. It’s proven to be beneficial in more ways than you think. It improves your mental health, dexterity, your immune system, and more.

There’s nothing quite like nurturing these seeds in the soil into something beautiful and bountiful. And they aren’t just for looks!  Home-grown food is fantastic for your health,  and gardening is great for the environment too.

Cultivating Friendships at The Esquiline

The garden here at The Esquiline has been around for about 10 years. It started as a fairly small “in ground” garden and has grown in size to 10 4x8 garden boxes, thanks to the love and hard work residents put into it every year.

Those residents include Lucy and Jeanne, who had similar interests from the start. Both had decided to follow their husbands’ passions for gardening. Several other residents also help out regularly, while some just drop by and dabble for fun!

Sowing Joy

When the tomatoes are ripe and other produce are ready for picking, Lucy and Jeanne and the rest of the gardeners gather the bounty and share with fellow residents. The majority of what’s grown is enjoyed by residents and Chef Todd, who incorporates the fresh ingredients in the weekly meals. On particularly good years, the surplus from the garden is shared with a local market.

Benefits of Gardening

The Esquiline’s Community Garden is a great place for exercise, restorative occupation, and simply to enjoy the sunshine. Gardening also provides opportunity for healthy eating and socialization. Invite friends and family to share a meal planned around produce freshly picked from the garden.
The Esquiline is a faith-based Life Plan Community dedicated to the pursuit of active living and wellness in body, mind and spirit in the next chapter of your life. To learn more about living at The Esquiline, call us at 800-533-6279 or contact us here.

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