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Importance of Taking Time Daily to Reflect

esquiline daily reflection

Sometimes the world around us can get to be overwhelming. We all have our own issues, people, and things that we worry about, and it can weigh on us over time. Some struggle their entire lives with anxiety and fear, and in some circumstances, that is what costs them their lives.

It’s important that we find ways to combat the negativity in our lives. Sometimes, it’s hard to see that there are options to get rid of fear and anxiety, but we promise there are!

One of the simplest things you can do is to meditate, or have a daily reflection. It doesn’t matter if you’re praying or just sitting and taking time to quiet your thoughts and relax, these prove to be beneficial to mental and physical health. Mary Mertzlufft, Pastoral Care Director at The Esquiline, says “Taking time each day for even twenty minutes of reflection keeps us psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy and balanced.”

Where to start with daily reflections

If you don’t really know where to start, look at the internet! Crosswalk has a great daily devotional for seniors, where you can visit the site every day, read a little scripture and a little reflection over that Bible verse. It can give you a focus for your daily meditation, so your mind is less likely to wander to random (and possibly stressful) thoughts.

Does reading calm you down?

If you’d like to combine a meditation with a form of reading, that’s easily done! Try a book that focuses on meditation and helps you get the hang of meditation. Keepers of The Wisdom, by Karen Casey is a book full of “reflections from lives well lived.”

Not only will this book provide you with the necessary steps towards meditating and reflecting effectively, but reading it will also be a form of reflection in itself.

You’re not alone

And lastly, always remember that you are not alone in the struggle. Mary Mertzlufft, Pastoral Care Director, says, “Each of us has challenging people and events we deal with on a regular basis. If nothing else, the news alone can depress us! When we are quiet within, we are actors in our lives, not the reactors who allow others to irritate us or make us hurt or angry; in that situation, people and situations control us.When we center ourselves through being quiet in God’s presence within us, we look at life with different eyes, perhaps giving others an excuse or putting things into a balanced perspective. We are all wounded in our own individual ways. People are not trying to figure out ways to irritate or hurt us; life happens!”

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