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A Look at the Natural Beauty of The Esquiline

nature at the esquiline

“Nature is fuel for the soul.”

A series of studies published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that being outside in nature provides a sense of increased vitality and wellness.

“Often when we feel depleted, we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature,” says Richard Ryan, a University of Rochester psychology professor and author. “Research has shown that people with a greater sense of vitality don’t just have more energy for things they want to do, they are also more resilient to physical illnesses. One of the pathways to health may be to spend more time in natural settings.”

200 Acres of Extraordinary Natural Beauty

At The Esquiline, we are very proud of the natural beauty that surrounds us. There are pathways to walk, breathtaking views and places to reflect and bond with nature. It’s a place that rekindles the spirit and connects to your soul.

We’d like to share a little of the beauty we enjoy every day at The Esquline. Below are some of our favorite images at The Esquiline. We hope you enjoy them, too!

nature at the eapartment community gravel path  path through woods  walking path with sun shining  sunrise through trees  sunshine along a walking path  yellow red and purple tulips  sunset

Want to come see the beauty of The Esquiline for yourself? Give us a call today at (618) 394-6400 or contact us to set up a tour!