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Maintaining Your Health at The Esquiline

maintaining health

You’ve put so many others first over the years that it might feel a little out of character to take this opportunity to put yourself first for a change. Maintaining your health will be a priority when you are living at The Esquiline. This includes your physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social wellness.

There are a few things you can do at The Esquiline to keep your physical health in top condition. These are among the most important steps you can take to safeguard and maintain your health.

Remain Active

Being active not only keeps the blood flowing, but it also ensures that adequate nutrients and oxygen reach their intended destinations within the body. This will help boost your immunity and fight off bacteria.

Practice Prevention

You’ve learned by now that prevention is almost always the best cure. When it comes to staying healthy, these preventative measures are essential.

  •         Wash your hands often.
  •         Get vaccinations to protect against preventable illnesses like flu and pneumonia.
  •         Avoid exposure to illnesses when possible.

Seek All-Around Wellness

Good health is also about wellness. Some people never seem to get sick. These are generally people who pay attention to their health in other areas. At The Esquiline, we tend to focus on these areas of wellness to prevent illnesses, depression, and more:

  1.       Spiritual
  2.       Social
  3.       Intellectual
  4.       Physical

Visit the Wellness Clinic at The Esquiline

In addition to our  full-time wellness nurse on staff that assists residents in promoting good health and prevention, our wellness clinic is available to our residents and offers important tools and education to help avoid many common illnesses throughout the year. The wellness clinic offers the following:

  •         Lab work and vital sign checks
  •         Health education, speakers, and presentations
  •         Balance and fitness classes
  •         Dentistry, podiatry, and rehabilitation
  •         Mind classes

We believe you have earned the right to live your life on your own terms, but we also believe it’s important to provide you with the necessary tools to live your best life possible.

At The Esquiline, you have many options for physical fitness, from a 24-hour fitness center and daily exercise programs to 200 beautiful acres for walking, jogging and biking. To schedule a tour, contact us today at 800-533-6279 or online here.

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