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Meet the Team Who Keeps The Esquiline Beautiful and Clean


Here’s a short quiz:

Who is there to help you hang your mirrors and photos when you first arrive at The Esquiline?

Who do you call if your couch needs to move over closer to the wall?

Who is able to get wine out of your carpet?

Who always cheerily greets you by name when they stop by your apartment?

If you answered housekeeping, give yourself a gold star (but make sure to take it off before you put your clothes in the laundry).

Housekeeping is the unseen crew that ensures The Esquiline stays hygienic and clean.

George Dobrick is the housekeeping manager. Housekeeping is not only responsible for cleaning your apartment, but for keeping common areas clean. Team members are specifically trained in how to spot and clean areas that need special help as well as product and cleaning safety and fabric care.

Some of the housekeeping services they provide include:

  • Bi-weekly or weekly housekeeping service
  • Making beds /changing linens/flipping mattresses
  • Cleaning bathrooms and providing fresh linens
  • Vacuuming/dusting
  • Carpet cleaning/window washing

But your housekeeping team knows more than how to clean; they know how to help. They know your name and are happy to answer questions. They deliver your newspaper, groceries, and oversized mail packages.

If you have a spill or a question, give them a call, and they’ll be happy to help.

“Just give us a call, and we’ll be right up to clean up any mess,” George says with an easy grin. “We are happy to serve our residents and keep our campus beautiful - both indoors and out!”

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