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New Opportunities for Social Engagement

new opportunities for social engagement

It’s not unusual for your social circle to change over the years. In fact, most people see their social circles shift with life, from college to raising a family to retirement. The key is to make it a priority in your life, no matter when or where.


Scientific research shows socialization is essential to our overall well being. It’s as important as physical exercise.

By interacting and building relationships with others, you lower anxiety and stress and gain confidence and a sense of belonging. Socialization can also help your immune system stay strong, improve cognitive function, lower risks for heart disease and more.

Building Your Social Circle

During retirement, it is more important than ever to be aware of staying socially connected and engaged. Why?

No. 1, you may no longer be engaged in the daily social interactions you once experienced at work. Add to this that children may live a distance away, friends may be moving to retirement locations, and also, some friends may no longer be with you.

The good news is: it can be a lot of fun expanding your social circle and finding new opportunities for social engagement.


  • Don’t be afraid to try new things
  • Check out retirement communities where a calendar full of activities likely exist
  • Volunteer
  • Take a bus tour
  • Join a fitness class or other class you are interested in
  • Join a book club
  • Look for intergenerational activities. Nothing keeps your mind, body and soul young and healthy better than a spirited child!

At The Esquiline, social wellness is one of our core dimensions, and we want it to be easy for residents to stay active and involved. Whether the next Happy Hour, bus trip to the Botanical Gardens, a volunteer service project or playing cards, just open your door and you’ll find plenty to do. For more information, contact us online here or call 800-533-6279.

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