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Playing Games for Health

games for health

When is the last time you’ve played a game? It doesn’t matter what type: board, card—you name it.

Perhaps you’re thinking it’s been a long while. Maybe you don’t even remember the last time. If that is the case, you may want to rethink and pick up an old favorite.

Games are not just a distraction – they can actually serve as an extremely beneficial way to stimulate your mind.

The Benefits of Games

Card games, board games, and even bingo prove to be a great way to keep your mind alert and active. Whether it’s thinking strategy for your card game, or just paying attention to the numbers being called and matching them to your bingo card – these seemingly small tasks are good for the brain.

But it’s not just your mind that reaps the benefits. Coordination, dexterity, social skills, and even blood pressure are positively affected from playing games with friends. Plus, it’s always good to get to spend quality time with your friends and family.

The point is, games of all kinds are good for your overall health, and that shouldn’t be ignored. Sometimes you need to let loose a little in order to feel relaxed, healthy, and better about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with letting a little joy in your life through the means of a card game.

At The Esquiline, there’s always time for play at the end of the day. Every night of the week, people are enjoying each other’s company, playing a game of their choosing. According to Independent Apartments Activity Coordinator, Christie Hart, the residents organize their games on their own time. About half enjoy of them enjoy playing Bingo, while another 30% will play various card games like Euchre, Poker, Bridge, and Pinochle.

This opportunity to organize and take part in a social, fun activity is what makes these games an amazing possibility for residents. Christie Hart can attest to that, saying, “Becoming a game participant seems to help new folks moving in – a group can belong to.” Playful competition has a record of bringing people closer together.

There you have it: games also promote a sense of camaraderie between long-time residents and new. Not to mention the benefits it has on physical and mental health too – it’s a real win-win. (Of course, unless you lose that round of bingo.)

Want to find a place where you’ll fit in and feel welcomed from the start? Try The Esquiline by scheduling your visit today.

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