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Setting Your Spiritual Goals for 2017

spritual goals

As you start thinking about your resolutions for the new year, you’re probably considering things of this world—becoming more healthy, eating right, volunteering, and budgeting. This next year, take some time to consider your spiritual needs and goals.

Working Toward Spiritual Goals This New Year Offers Many Benefits

By including spiritual achievement among your goals, you not only connect with someone greater than yourself—God—you can become a happier person.

Not sure how to start?

  • Set a goal to read the entire Bible or Catechism within a year’s time or to read more spiritual books.
  • Set aside a time each day to pray. Prayer prompts, such as a special alarm on your cell phone, may help you remember.
  • Attend church services more frequently and actively take part in this experience with God and other believers.
  • Put your faith into action. Whether you work in a local soup kitchen once a month, make a donation to a faith-based organization every year or put a few more dollars in the collection plate, showing your faith strengthens it.
  • Help your brothers and sisters. Lead by example. No matter what the faith or behavior of others, by standing as an example of Christ’s love and giving love freely without respect to religion, race, culture or attitude, you act in Christ’s name.

Are you inspired?

If you are inspired to begin working toward your spiritual goals, remember:

  • Don’t expect to do everything at once. Start with one action, then add others as you feel the need.
  • Don’t punish yourself if you forget or fail. God knows what’s in your heart. Keep on trying.
  • Ask for support. Perhaps your spouse or parent or child or friend would like to join you. Sharing your goals with friends helps you to meet them.
  • Assess your progress, not by how much you accomplished, but by how you feel. Do you feel closer to God? Do you feel you’re a more Godly person?

Working toward your spirituality goals has many benefits, including self-esteem, lessened anxiety, depression protection, blood pressure control, and life affirmation. However, the real benefit is living in God’s grace.

A community blessed by God’s grace

Too often, living in the world, we become too much of the world. If you are interested in living in a community that lives the spirit and values of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, consider The Esquiline.

Located in Belleville, Illinois, on the grounds of The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, it is the perfect setting for those who wish to deepen their faith and rekindle their hopes.

Schedule a tour with The Esquiline to learn more about how you can life a life surrounded by others dedicated to spiritual goals.

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