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How to Start the Conversation about Independent Living: Making the Move

independent living conversation parents

There are many reasons to consider talking to your parent about a move to an independent living community. You might be unsure about how to approach it, but it doesn’t have to be that way—your parent might even be the one to bring it up.

Regardless, when you start having this conversation with your parents, you should bear these tips in mind:

  • Do your research: Going into this important conversation will require you to be prepared. You’ll want to know that an independent living community is the best option for your parent. Then, you’ll want to seek several options for your parent so there are options. You will also want to be open to other options that your parent may prefer.
  • Only ask open-ended questions: Your parent won’t want to feel forced or pushed one way or another. Don’t make them choose a “yes-or-no” answer when what they really want isn’t even an option. Making your parent feel that they are in charge of their own decision will make them feel more comfortable about a move.
  • Be careful about what you say: Again, you don’t want your parent feeling uncomfortable in any way. Be kind and open with them. You don’t want them feeling pressured into moving anywhere—that could turn them away from independent living altogether.
  • Avoid overwhelming them: This goes in with the previous point. Bombarding your parents with several options or pieces of information might make them feel rushed. Try to make the decision process as relaxed and comforting as possible.

When you consider these tips, the conversation becomes less of a stressor, and more like a comforting process. Especially when you can walk away knowing your parent will be happier and safer in their new home.

In a recent meeting at The Esquiline, we discussed with residents their stories about when and how they decided to make the move into an independent living community.

See what some of our residents had to say:

  • Joe moved because his house became too big for him to take care of. The Esquiline is the perfect size for him and he has no worries!
  • Ann made her own decision to move to The Esquiline and is quite happy here.
  • Janice moved to The Esquiline after her husband died. She hadn’t kept up with her many friends along the way of life, but now has a community filled with friends.
  • Cass was living in Michigan with his son and family which included 4 dogs and two cats…he grew tired of the “zoo” (but not his family), looked at The Esquiline and fell in love with it.
  • Gen tired of ladders and trimming trees, so she made her own decision to move to The Esquiline. She was familiar with it because of various events held here that she had attended over the years.
  • Jeri told her daughter, “I want to move to The Esquiline.” And here she is and we are glad.
  • Mary says she was in the hospital and her kids moved her to The Esquiline. And we are glad she is here.

No matter your situation or circumstance which made you decide to make the move, you can find a happy home for your parent, we’re sure.

Think The Esquiline could be the right place for your parent? Learn more about us and our values by visiting our website or call us at 618-394-6400.

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