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Staying Connected with Mom at a Distance

caring at a distance

As the world becomes more mobile every day, sometimes we live further away from our families than we ever have before. Luckily enough, it’s easy enough to travel back and forth to keep the connection alive with our loved ones.

Still, it’s nice to know the best things you can do to keep in touch and up-to-date with your parents, no matter how far away.

Planning to Stay Connected

We’ve collected a few things to get together and plan in order to stay involved with your mom, even when you’re far away:

  • Family meetings. It’s important to orchestrate meetings with other siblings, if you have any, because it’s always in the best interest to keep everyone involved and on the same level. Sometimes it seems easier to do things ourselves, but you want to be careful of hurting others by leaving them out of certain conversations.
  • Have nearby contacts. When you live further away, no matter how often you call or speak with your parent, it’s easy to miss something that say a neighbor or nearby relative could pick up by visiting. You can ask your mom’s neighbor or friend to either keep an eye out for her and visit every once in awhile.
  • Ask your parent’s opinion, especially when you are thinking that it’s time for your parent to move to a retirement community. you’ll want to keep an open, honest dialogue with your loved one. When you ask for their thoughts — you really  get to the heart of what it’s about. This way, you can get the best option that your mom wants, and she will be less likely to be reluctant if she has a say where she goes. Maybe she’s willing to move closer to you or another of your siblings. You never know until you ask!
  • Plan ahead. If you choose to move forward with a move to a smaller home for your parent, you’ll want to be sure to work far ahead of schedule because of distance. Organization is key. Line up all of your ducks before making any major moves, and it’ll go so much more smoothly.

Long distance caregiving is growing more and more common today than ever before — now’s the time to find out the best way to do it.

At The Esquiline, we have strong values for whole-person wellness, which includes staying socially active with our loved ones. Read more on our blog to find out what else we have to offer.

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