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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone in 2017

live outside the box

We love our comfort zones! We don’t want to call them routines, though, even though that’s what they are. After all, routines don’t sound as positive.

Perhaps they don’t sound positive because living in your comfort zone isn’t beneficial.

Disadvantages to living in your comfort zone:

  • You don’t learn anything new.
  • You never discover your strengths or gifts.
  • You have difficulty meeting goals.
  • You get lazy.

In order to grow, you must step out of your comfort zone. But don’t decide to go skydiving or drag racing yet!

Try some easy ways to step outside your comfort zone at first.

  • Do everyday things differently. Take a different path to church. Visit a new restaurant or try a new food. Change your exercise routine.
  • If you’re a speedy decision-maker, slow down and ruminate. If you like to consider everything before making a decision, go with your gut instinct.
  • Say hello to a stranger.
  • Wear a color you rarely wear.
  • Change your hairstyle.
  • Rearrange your furniture.
  • Learn a new language or skill.
  • Sing in public.
  • Volunteer.

Later, you can become more daring. Travel. Move someplace different. Downsize. Explore your spirituality. Discover your passion.

Little steps outside your comfort zone transform your perspective.

Big changes transform your life.

Making changes in your routine offers a number of benefits, whether those changes are large or small.

Benefits of going outside your comfort zone include:

  • Increased performance. Science has found that people enjoy challenges.
  • Neuroplasticity, which enhances your mind’s sharpness and growth
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Greater ability to deal with change, a skill which increases in importance as we age
  • Expanded self-knowledge aids you in redefining yourself and your goals in life.

Take a chance. Try something new. It’s good for you!

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