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4 Ways to Make Your Transition to Senior Living A Happy One

making the move happy

You finally made the decision to move into a senior living community.

And although it has all the amenities you’d expect, you’re feeling blue.

  • You don’t want to leave your apartment.
  • You sit alone at dinner.
  • You call your family a lot.
  • You’re prone to unexpected bouts of weeping
  • You miss your old home.
  • You sleep more than usual.
  • You don’t feel like engaging in your usual activities.

Don’t worry! There’s nothing wrong with you that time won’t cure. You have the moving blues.

Here are four ways to alleviate those blues:

1. Make new friends. The Esquiline has a “welcome” committee made up of residents and staff, a “new life, new transition” program, new resident socials and many other things to help you not only meet the challenges of this move, but also enjoy it.

2. Develop a new routine. If you had your hair done once a week, you can still have it done at The Esquiline beauty salon. If you attended Mass every day, The Esquiline has an on-site chapel, as well as pastoral staff including Catholic priests and a Protestant minister. However, with all the new opportunities available at your new home, why not learn a new skill or play pool or engage in a new activity? Join the community Rhythm Band or play cards or any of the numerous fun activities.

3. Exercise. Scientific research has shown that exercise benefits all aspects of your life. When the weather’s good, take a stroll around The Esquiline’s landscaped campus. Try out the machines at the Fitness Center or take a balance class. Hop on the bus and visit the Botanical Gardens in Belleville.

4. Develop a new perspective. Remember you wanted to move to a community where you wouldn’t have to spend hundreds of hours maintaining your home, a community where there are people just like you. Enjoy your new circumstances!

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