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The Best Fitness Apps for Older Adults

Older couple working out using a smartphone app to track their fitness.

Ready to start a new exercise regimen or add something new and exciting to your existing routine? The following 7 apps will help you track your progress and reach your fitness goals.

Health and Fitness Exercises for People 60+

Before we dive in, let’s go over some workouts that are well-suited for people in their 60s and beyond. You may already be doing some of these and if so, keep up the good work! If not, these may give you some ideas to help boost your fitness level. 

According to SilverSneakers, some of the best exercises for older adults include:

  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Bodyweight training
  • Resistance band workouts
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Strength and aerobic classes

What apps can help you on your way and track your progress as you try these exercises? We’ve gathered a list of workout apps that are designed to help you reach your fitness goals.


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Fitness Apps for iOS and Android


Whether you’re an expert swimmer or content with a few gentle laps in the pool, the SwimIO app can help you stay motivated and track your progress. Swimming is a great exercise for older adults because it’s easy on the joints, improves heart health, and increases muscle strength. 

The SwimIO app lets you:

  • Log your swims, including details such as distance, duration, and even your mood.
  • See your progress and how many swims you’ve logged at a glance to show how far you’ve come.
  • Search for pools near you and save your favorite places to swim. 

Pocket Yoga

The Pocket Yoga app gives you the freedom to practice yoga wherever you go—no need to go to a studio if you’re too busy that day or would prefer a little privacy.

This app includes:

  • Instructional, animated videos to guide you through full classes.
  • Customization options to choose your ideal difficulty level and duration.
  • A comprehensive pose dictionary to help you if you’re struggling with a certain pose.


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Pilates - Lumowell

Pilates is perfect for older adults looking for a new exercise to try because it doesn’t require any special equipment — all you need is a soft, flat surface like a carpeted floor or a mat.

This app offers:

  • Exercises perfect for daily workouts, with different phases that let you exercise for as long as you like.
  • Instructional videos to guide you through each workout.
  • The ability to track your progress and calories burned.


Walking helps improve the health of older adults by lowering the risk of future disability and keeping us mobile and independent. 

On your next walk, you can use the MapMyWalk app to:

  • Map your walking routes. As you walk, a line will appear on the map to show you how far you’ve gone and help you find your way back if you’re exploring a new area. 
  • Show you the time elapsed, calories burned, and other health information.
  • Give you audio feedback at set intervals throughout your walk.


For cyclists, Strava is an app you can use to track your rides. Cycling is a low-impact sport, making it easy on our joints. It also helps our heart health. 

This app can:

  • Track your rides to map your cycling route and measure your performance.
  • Keep track of your personal records.
  • Find new routes to bike.


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Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout

Retirement can be a busy time. Now that you have more time to focus on the things you love, there are people to see, things to do, and places to be. That’s where the Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout app comes in handy.

With this app, you can:

  • Try 7-minute workouts for beginners.
  • Challenge yourself with more advanced 7-minute workouts.
  • View high-def video tutorials to help you perform the workouts safely and effectively. 

SilverSneakers GO 

This app is designed to help with your strength, flexibility, and mobility. You can tailor it to your fitness level, making it easy to start a new exercise regimen without getting overwhelmed.

Use this app to:

  • Receive easy-to-follow exercise demonstrations and tips throughout 4-12 week workout programs.
  • Set workout schedules and find nearby classes.
  • Log completed workouts to track your progress. 


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The Importance of Physical Wellness for Older Adults

Need a little motivation before you get started? Here are some statistics from the Surgeon General on the benefits of physical activity for older adults:

  • Older adults can obtain significant health benefits with a moderate amount of physical activity, preferably daily. 
  • Physical activity does not need to be strenuous to achieve health benefits.
  • Exercise helps maintain the ability to live independently and reduces the risk of falling and fracturing bones.
  • Exercise helps people with chronic, disabling conditions improve their stamina and muscle strength.
  • Exercise reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression and fosters improvements in mood and feelings of well-being.

Consult with your doctor before starting a new physical activity program. 

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