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Ways to Stay Active at The Esquiline

fun ways to exercise

Fitness, as you may well already know, is a huge aspect of your health. It keeps your body strong and it’s important to be active in order to stay active.

As you age, you may become less and less inclined to do these types of things, but it’s really beneficial if you stick with a routine. It’s best to keep to a routine that you like – or even love – so that you can stay motivated to keep with it for a long time.

What kind of exercise options would you have at a senior living community?

Honestly, living at a place like The Esqquiline could provide you with more fitness options than you have ever had before. With on-site fitness centers, exercise classes, walking paths, and people dedicated to helping with fitness goals – an opportunity like this is rare.

If there’s not a form of exercise that you’ve grown to love yet, maybe it’s time you found one. There might be an option you haven’t considered yet. For example: dancing. Have you ever thought of that as a work out? Well, it can be! One of the exercise classes provided at The Esquiline is Zumba Gold. Give it a shot – even if you don’t think you’ll be any good, you’ll be sure to have a blast, and you just might surprise yourself!

Maybe you like spending time outdoors? Use some of your relaxing time and spend it on a walk on one of the many walking paths that surround The Esquiline’s campus. You might make a new friend!

It’s also possible that you prefer an indoor fitness center. Well, The Esquiline’s Fitness Center is open 24 hours a day, so you can drop by at your leisure.

Another program offered by The Esquiline is called Matter of Balance, which is led by Bridgette Argus (the wellness nurse) and Christie Hart (who helps with activities). This program is evidence-based, and improvements seen by those who participate is astounding. It increases balance – which is key in preventing falls.

Here, we understand the importance of not only physical wellness, but spiritual, social, and intellectual as well. Interested in learning more about the other wellness options at The Esquiline? Call now at 618-394-6400 or 800-533-6279 and get to know us better.

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