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What Are Faith-Based Retirement Communities?

 Chapel at The Esquiline

There are many options to consider as you compare retirement communities - like what services and care they provide and what kind of housing is available.

If your faith is important to you, finding a community that allows you to practice and share your beliefs on a daily basis can also be an important requirement. Learn more about faith-based retirement communities in this blog.

What Are Faith-Based Retirement Communities?

Faith-based retirement communities are founded on the beliefs and values of a particular religion. They may also be considered non-profit organizations. 

Do I have to practice that faith to live there?

Most faith-based retirement communities welcome residents of all beliefs. While many of the residents may share the same faith as the overarching community, you’ll likely find those who don’t, too. And any faith-related activities or events are optional. At a larger faith-based community, they may even often interdenominational opportunities. 

If you’re interested in a particular community but don’t share the same faith, don’t worry - there’s probably no requirement to do so. Check with the community if you’re unsure or still have questions.

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Why Should I Move to a Faith-Based Retirement Community?

If you practice a particular faith, you already have reasons for doing so - tradition; a sense of morals; a feeling of belonging.

The same will be true if you choose to live at a faith-based retirement community. You’ll find like-minded people with whom you can share your beliefs.

You’ll also find that the medical staff and day-to-day employees may share the same beliefs or at least understand that faith is important to you as a resident. 

Benefits of a faith-based retirement community

  • Worship opportunities
  • Chances to share faith with other residents
  • Events and activities, like religious holiday celebrations or speakers
  • Peace of mind that the community’s values match your own

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More About The Esquiline, a Faith-Based Life Plan Community

The Esquiline: a Life Plan Community at the Shrine, has strong Catholic roots, but welcomes residents of all faiths.

We’re located on the grounds of The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, a 200-acre wooded retreat where residents can spend their days in quiet reflection or just enjoy nature. Here, you’ll find:

  • A dedicated pastoral staff that includes Catholic priests and a Protestant minister.
  • A gorgeous chapel that’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • An opportunity for daily Mass, weekly Protestant services, and prayers in the garden each morning.
  • A variety of volunteer and service opportunities where you can give back to the community.

Our residents enjoy programs and services that help them live their best life - mind, body, and spirit. Spend your days however you wish and rest assured knowing that we’re always here to make your life easier.

Our independent living apartments are available in a variety of floor plans, and we offer assisted living and skilled nursing as part of the continuum of care.

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Begin a Journey to Greater Spiritual Growth

Even if you’re not ready to move to a faith-based retirement community, there’s plenty you can do right now to enhance your spirituality. 

Download our free guide, “Nurture Your Soul: Spiritual Wellness Tips From The Esquiline,” for easy-to-follow ideas for prayer, meditation, and self-expression. 

Nurture Your Spirituality