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What’s a CCRC (and Why Should You Care)?

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As your parents get older, you may be introduced to a host of unfamiliar acronyms, such as IL, ADL, CCRC.

IL=Independent Living

ADL=Activities of Daily Living

CCRC=Continuing Care Retirement Community

As you help your parents make decisions about their future, it’s important to learn the terminology. And among all the acronyms and jargon, CCRC may be among the most critical to your parents’ future well-being.

A continuing care retirement community, sometimes referred to as a life plan community, offers your parents the care they need when they need it. Whether your parent stays independent for the rest of their life or whether they need skilled nursing, a CCRC provides the care they need.

For example, The Esquiline incorporates 3 communities under 1 roof—an independent living (IL) apartment community, St. Francis Assisted Living, and the Dammert Care Center (skilled nursing).


Independent Living at The Esquiline

While your parents are independent, they can live in a spacious apartment with lofted ceilings and softly shaded walls and window treatments. No longer do they have to worry about mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, or home repairs. Instead, they can take advantage of group tips to nearby attrafctions, such as the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis; live entertainment on campus; and church services.

The building is safer than their current home. They need never worry about replacing the batteries in their smoke detectors, falling down a staircase or low lighting causing an injury. It also meets American with Disabilities Act standards for accessibility.

If an emergency should occur, your parents have immediate access to trained on-site healthcare professionals.

Your parents can schedule massage therapy, podiatrist services, and beauty salon/barber appointments on campus. Dances, concerts, movies and lectures are presented every week in the auditorium. Also located on campus are a library, arts & crafts room, billiards room, puzzle room, woodworking area, aviary, and workout facility.

Included in the fee is biweekly housekeeping and weekly linen service. Your parents receive one healthy, delicious meal served daily in the dining room, although they can contract for more.


St. Francis Assisted Living

If your parents begin to need a little help, assisted living offers them the maximum level of independence. Services are tailored to their needs. For example, if you’re concerned your mother may slip in the shower, an aide can keep an eye out, although our emergency response system is provided, too. If your dad forgets to take his medication or sometimes takes too much, we can remind him and even provide him with the proper amount of medication.

Your parents receive three meals a day and weekly housekeeping and linen service. They may participate in as many or as few on- and off-campus programs as they wish.


Dammert Care Center

If your parents have more extensive needs, the Dammert Care Center is there to help. More importantly, your parents won’t have to leave the friends they’ve made, the neighborhood they’ve grown to know or the Christian-centered focus of the community.

Skilled nursing meets the needs of residents who require intravenous therapy, spoon-feeding, and incontinent care, but it also helps those recovering from surgery or a car accident. It provides rehabilitation and physical therapy on-site.


The Continuing Care Retirement Community Advantage

The advantage of continuing care is that your parents will never need to leave their friends, and one spouse won’t have to leave the other for more extensive care needs. If your father becomes ill and needs more care, your mother need only walk to see him.

Another advantage is that you can enjoy your time with your parents instead of picking up prescriptions or mowing their lawn or worrying about them if the weather turns bad. You know their needs will come first, so when you visit, all you need to worry about is whether your parents are at dinner or watching a performance or visiting friends.


All under One Roof

CCRCs offer many positive aspects, but because, at The Esquiline, all 3 communities are under 1 roof, you don’t have to worry about moving your parents from an independent living community to a skilled nursing community. You don’t have to be concerned about taking one of your parents to the hospital to visit the other. And you never have to make a choice about whether your parent must move from their familiar neighborhood to somewhere else, because it’s all one neighborhood.

If your parent lives in The Esquiline’s independent living, they don’t have to go to a hospital for rehabilitation because it’s provided here. If your parent becomes sick, they won’t have to stay in a hospital for days, because our skilled healthcare professionals can help them here.

Your parent is actually safer at The Esquiline, because all of our communities offer some form of emergency call response system. We have trained healthcare professionals on hand for any emergency.
What else does The Esquiline offer residents? Find out more by contacting us.


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